WCTC Conference 2016, Hawaii - Outstanding Presentations

There will be several meetings, presentations and networking opportunities.


  • Olympic gold medalist Mark Spitz will start the conference by sharing his keynote about the Olympic Dream & Spirit.
  • Subsequently, Richard Aboulafia, who is frequently cited as an aviation industry authority, will give an overview and forecast for the aviation/defense industry.
  • Andrea Boltho, being an expert in economics, will then educate about the global economy.
  • Thereafter, Filip Geerts, a professional in international, EU and national affairs, will talk about statistics and policy issues regarding the European machine tool industry.
  • Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring Initiative, will inform about how TCO can be used to enable and benefit from Reshoring.
  • Finally, Michael Robinet, Managing Director in the global advisory practice, will speak about the automotive industry's next stage, being global, faster and multi-material.


Numerous attendees from about 70 different corporations and organizations from multiple countries are expected to come to the conference.


WCTC Conference 2016, Hawaii

The World Cutting Tool Conference 2016 (WCTC 2016) will be held from 9th to 12th April 2016 in Hawaii. The conference is organised by the European Cutting Tool Association (ECTA), the Japan Cutting Tool Association (JCTA) and the United States Cutting Tool Institute (USCTI). It is held every three years in one of the three continents: America, Asia or Europe.


USCTI will be the host for the 2016 event. General information can be found at www.wctc2016.com


A schedule of events is given here: http://www.wctc2016.com/wctc-pages/world-cutting-tool-2016-schedule-events.asp


ECTA warmly invites you to this outstanding conference.

Conference Date

The ECTA conference 2017 will take place in Barcelona from May 18th to 20th.



Marc Schuler

ECTA President

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