About ECTA

The European manufacturers of cutting tools and clamping devices and their national associations have joined together in the European association ECTA – European Cutting Tools Association. Getting to know each other, exchanging experiences, co-operating – there are numerous topics which the European companies in the branch urgently want to discuss among themselves, and with their customers, suppliers and co-operation partners. ECTA offers the optimal platform for this.

The principal aim of ECTA is to act as the central organization for furthering the interests of all European cutting tool manufacturing and to take action which may be considered necessary in the interest of the industry and members.


What we do

Arranging meetings between manufacturers

Providing a forum for the exchange of views

Studying technical problems that are common to the industry

Promoting industry's views to Official Organisations

Providing market information

Fostering a good image for the industry


The key committee of ECTA is the General Assembly. In the General Assembly all Members of the association are represented. Meetings are held once a year, in combination with the ECTA Conferences.

Elected by the General Assembly, the ECTA President and the ECTA Vice President are acting as the official representatives of the association. They are supported by the ECTA Secretary General.

ECTA President

Federico Costa

Vice President

Markus Horn

General Secretary

Markus Heseding


Members of ECTA are the national associations from Germany (VDMA), Italy (UCIMU), Spain (AFM), Switzerland (Swissmem) and the United Kingdom (BHECTA c/o MTA). Further Sutton Tools from the Netherlands, ATA Tools from Ireland and Boehlerit from Austria.


VDMA Precision Tools

Mr. Markus Heseding

Postfach 71 08 64

D-60498 Frankfurt

Tel.: (+49) 69 66 03 13 06




Mr Alberto Nicolai

Viale Fulvio Testi 128

I-20092 Cinisell Balsamo MI

Tel.: (+39) 02 26 25 53 06



Sutton Tools

Mr Robert Sutton

Jellinghausstraat 28

NL-5048 Tillburg

Tel.: (+31) 1 32 20 14 80




Mr Xabier Ortueta

Paseo Mikeletegi 59

E-2009 San Sebastian

Tel.: (+34) 9 43 30 90 09




Mr Pascal Streiff

Pfingstweidenstrasse 102

CH-8037 Zürich

Tel.: (+41) 44 384 48 74


United Kingdom


Mr Geoff Noon

62 Bayswater Road

GB-London W2 3PS

Tel.: (+44) 20 72 98 64 00



ATA Group Ltd

Mr Scott McGarry

IDA Business & Technology Park

Co. Cavan, H12 DK46

Tel.: (+44) 1530 265419



Boehlerit GmbH & Co KG

Gerhard Melcher

Werk VI Str. 100

AU-8605 Kapfenberg


Tel: (+43) 3862 300-591



Membership & Registration



European National Trade Associations which represent the interests of manufacturers of engineered metal cutting tools and tool holders can become ECTA Members.

Individual companies can also be accepted as a member

  • in cases where countries do not have an association representing cutting tools manufacturers
  • in cases where countries have association(s) representing cutting tools manufacturers, but no such association is registered as an ECTA Member


The General Assembly can accept members from outside Europe.



How to become a member

Membership applications should be sent in writing to the ECTA Secretariat. The ECTA General Assembly decides upon acceptance of new members. If you are interested in ECTA Membership please contact the ECTA Secretariat.

ECTA – European Cutting Tools Association
c/o VDMA Precision Tools
Lyoner Strasse 18
D-60528 Frankfurt/Main
Tel: +49 (0)69 6603 1467
Fax: +49 (0)69 6603 2467
Email: ecta@vdma.org
Web: www.ecta-tools.org

Registration for Members Area


The members area is available for exclusive use to ECTA National Associations and affiliated companies.

Free of charge registration is required.
ECTA will send a confirmation and your password to the email address given by you in the registration. For safety reasons allow 48 hours for completing the registration process. For registration please contact ecta@vdma.org.